[Madison, Wis.] – Today, Justice Rebecca Bradley’s campaign announced that she received the endorsements of the Milwaukee Police Association and the Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association, Local 215. These endorsements add to the impressive list of Wisconsin’s first responders who have met with Justice Rebecca Bradley and support her efforts to retain her seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  Both organizations supported Justice Bradley’s successful campaign in 2013 to retain her position as a Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge.

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“Once again, I am truly humbled to have the support of our first line of defense and protection in our great state,” said Justice Rebecca Bradley. “I appreciate that these organizations and many other law enforcement officials throughout the state have stood with me in support of my judicial service in Wisconsin. I am honored to earn their support.”

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The Milwaukee Police Association works tirelessly to care for the professional Police Officers, Forensic Investigators, and Detectives of the City of Milwaukee.

“The Milwaukee Police Association is proud to endorse Justice Rebecca Bradley,” said Michael V. Crivello, President of the Milwaukee Police Association. “Justice Bradley has always stood with the tenants of our organization and we look forward to her continued tenure on the state’s highest court.”

The Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Association, Local 215, represents approximately 1,000 firefighters who have the responsibility of protecting the citizens and property of Milwaukee from fire and fire hazards and providing emergency medical services.

“As first responders, we find it imperative to ensure that our courts are lead by individuals with the voice of reason, and experience” said Dave Sager, Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Association’s President. “We are pleased to once again offer our endorsement to Justice Bradley. Her demeanor and experience are true assets to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.”

Justice Rebecca Bradley is the only candidate in this race who has experience as a trial lawyer, circuit court judge, appellate court judge and Supreme Court Justice. Justice Rebecca Bradley’s positive campaign is centered on her experience, service to the people of Wisconsin, and judicial philosophy.

For more information on Justice Rebecca Bradley and her campaign to retain her seat on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin please visit justicerebeccabradley.com.